Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi! I'm Daniele and this my webpage. I made this page as a task specially for Leonardo Articles, --an ESL and Website Development program. If you'd like to contact me, fill up the contact form available on this page. Below is my Curriculum vitae, along with some examples of websites and web content I've written earlier.

Graduated with distinction from University of Toronto
10 years of content creation experience (particularly for Internet based viewers)
4 years of web development experience.
Dedicated, goal-oriented employee with a taste for specifics.

Employment Experience.
Leonardo Articles,2007 - Present
General Manager
Given the task of choosing a international staff of writers to match a challenging set of advanced objectives and goals.
- Create new records for end result, boosting production by 25% all over the globe
- Accurately controlled ongoing logs of task distribution
- Handled QA for international creation over a sizable staff of content writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Abilities
Proficient in Mandarin
Superior proficiency utilizing extensive choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

BFF Bracelets

Friendship is definitely one of the greatest gifts that you can share with someone. Although a single person might have hundreds and thousands of friends, there is always that one person that you consider your best friend. One of the most common things that you can give to your best friend is a BFF bracelet. BFF bracelets are commonly known as friendship bands but because of the recent... Click here to continue..

Birthstones For Each Month

Birthstones for each month were traditionally chosen way back the year 1912 where the concept of birth stones believed to have started. Beliefs, qualities and symbolic representations according to various cultural influences were said to be the primary criteria in assigning birthstones for each month. History of Birthstones ListIt was said that the concept of birth stones... Click here to continue..

Catholic Cross

It is a common sight and it can be seen as an accessory or a large symbol outside or inside the church. Some crosses have Christ on it and some are made empty. Crosses are also used in cemeteries and Christian hospitals. They are usually engraved in gravestones or placed in cemetery gates. Using cross jewelries for Catholics is a way of showing their faith and religious belief.... More on this site..

Cheap Earrings

Having good quality earrings at a low price is a dream come true for fashionable people, enthusiasts and jewelry collectors. Accessorizing does not need to be expensive all you need to do is to be creative and patient... Source of information..

Diamond Cross Necklace

Sometimes pendants are termed as slides because of the fact that it can slide easily off a chain and can be match with another chain to come up with another unique trendy effect. Among the... Continue reading..

Emerald Earrings

Women just need to know how to style it and what to wear it with. A lot of celebrities have already worn emerald not only in their earrings but also in their bracelets, pendants and rings especially when they attend red carpet events like award shows and galas. If you are planning to buy emerald earrings, then you always need to research before you... More on this site..

Eyebrow Rings

Barbells are the most typical type of jewelry used in eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow rings also comes in different types such as circular barbells, ball... More on this site..

Hand Wraps

Experts and boxers always say that one should never ever go boxing without wrist wraps even with if they are wearing boxing gloves. These wrist wraps actually provide support to the hand and the wrist and it protects them from the pressure of giving strong punches. Aside from that, these wraps are secured tightly on... Read more..

Jewelry Stores In Atlanta

If you will be buying precious stones ask whether it’s natural, synthetic or imitation. You can also ask if the stone has gone through treatments of any kind. If there are literatures, guarantees and warranties, it is best that you read them before deciding. Also, do not forget to check the fit of the jewelry that you will be buying. Wear it if you can and feel whether you are comfortable with it. Proper... Continue reading..

Leather Wrap Bracelets

It can have a bead work on it or other designs such as charms and imprinted inspirational words. Wearing leather wrap bracelets around... Read more..

Moissanite Rings

Moissanite has unique properties too that you can really tell from a diamond. More men are now buying Moissanite rings as engagement rings instead of diamonds. Although the famous saying says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Moissanite may actually give the diamonds a run for its reputation. Similar... Continue reading..

Owl Jewelry

Many different countries have varied views on the owl symbol like in the Middle and Far Eastern part of the world; they view the owl as a consecrated guardian of the afterlife or as the seeker and the keeper of souls. In addition, they also believe that an owl is the sole ruler of the night. As you can notice, they have a high veneration for this nocturnal creature and it is of no wonder why some would love it... Click here to read more..

Sideways Cross Necklace

Some says it could mean resurrection while others says its represents the place between heaven and hell. No matter what meaning it brings out this type of necklace will surely turn heads because of it unusual look and elegance. It can even strike a conversation... Source of information..

Wrap Bracelets

The use of wire wrapped to form a loop for the purpose of creating a bracelet is one of the ancient methods of manual creation of jewelries.... Read more..

Yoga Jewelry

It also connects a person to the existing time. Om jewelry pieces have a lot of varieties and designs but the Om symbol is always... To read more click here...

Vintage Engagement Rings

Jewelry stores have a specific section for those antique rings where you can choose what you want. The main challenge for antique rings is that most of them are one of a kind which means you... Read more..

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Always remember, “It is the thought that counts”. Before visiting a jeweler or jewelry retailer, find out the ring size... More on this page..

Right Hand Rings

If you wear a ring on your right hand, it will reflect your creative mind and attitude. Time has never changed a lot; women are still lower in number compared to men. For that reason, many women use their right hand for symbolizing independence and self- respect, as well as for showing that they do not need to rely on somebody else’s wings... Source..

Antique Wedding Rings

Estate rings are ones less than fifty years old. They may also refer to used rings purchased only last year. Rings that were made earlier than 1950 are the most charming and unique rings in the world, which have stood the test of time and remained beautiful. Several couples today are in quest of wedding rings which could best describe their love for each other and... Click here to continue..

Ring Size

The particular ring for finger continues to be customarily put on for a number of good reasons. As a wedding ring, it has a figurative significance: as being a special signet ring, it might identify the actual individual wearing or point out position or power; or it could be put on only for ornament. Whatever the reason for wearing the said jewelry, it is important to have the appropriate ring size for the wearer so it won’t... Find out more...

Unique Engagement Rings

But although diamond rings are common, there are different things that ring makers can do with diamonds in order to create... Find out more...

Vintage Engagement Rings

Art deco is not only used in paintings and in architecture. Today, different jewelry items are already using art deco to have that unique but modern twist. But the reality... Click here to read more..